Why choose Plano Corte ?

In a sector where companies increasingly need efective support to answer to the inevitable competition that arises from the markets' opening, Plano Corte, a company founded in 1987, claims its position as expert in clothing modelling. We are endowed with the most sofisticated IT Systems, working in partnership with our clients, making them faster and more efficient, with competitive advantages which we believe contributes for its success.



Offers technological solutions tailored to each customer, served with speed and quality, ensuring numerous advantages for your business and its profitability.



Young, dynamic and technologically advanced, Plano Corte develops and produces any kind of clothing molds.



Expertise in the development, production and quality control of the molds and garment cuts' provision.


Accuracy and Quality

The company invest in technology, equipment and staff training, shaping the differentiation strategy by the excellence of the service rendered.

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"Be the Change"
Plano Corte

We seek real partnerships with our clients so we can mutually support each other to achieve the growth we desire.

Plano Corte gathers the conditions to be part of complete projects and to protect the investment of whoever wants to launch new products in today's fiercely competitive market.

Based on the existent synergy between the company's departments and their flexibility, after idealizing its product our client can proceed to develop and manufacture the product, starting and finishing wherever the client sees fit, having with that just one single interlocutor. We provide our client with the right provision of products, ensuring quality and delivery times, all of this provided by the professionalism and excellence of our services.

Focusing on the market's current need for change and innovation, and with the pressing need of transformation and customization to maintain the product's demand, Plano Corte emerges as a partner with the right capabilities to support you.

If your business can't stop, it's good to rely on a company specialized in clothing modelling as Plano Corte, the best solution at the best price.

    Our Services

    "With the most sophisticated systems, your trusted partner"


    Base Molds

    Creation of clothing molds made from a technical file or model.



    Grading of all sizes that may be printed in paper or cardboard.


    Cutting Plans

    Cutting notes' optimization with the aim of saving cutting time and to have a more efficient textile consumption.



    Control of expenditure via calculation of the consumption of the materials before and after cut.



    Conversions between the different Cad systems.


    Cut and Printing

    Molds Cut in cardboard and Printing of Molds as well as Cutting Plans in Paper.


    Cutting Room

    We cut wovens and knits with the automatic system Lectra. We cut delicate fabrics and with positioning. Price upon request


    Our team

    We're a multidisciplinary team composed by workers who consider excellence, inovation and constant progressing knowledge as key success factors. Composed by experient professionals with strong expertise in the clothing area, Plano Corte is the right partner to meet new challenges.

    • Motivation
    • Productivity
    • Inovation
    • Excellence

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